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Company Summary

To provide business solutions within the gaming and esports industry of Africa.
Linked as closely to international standards as possible, whilst providing products and services that are revolutionary, innovative, unique, premium, professional, and pioneering.

mission statement

To create awareness and understanding of the gaming industry.

We aim to expose great players and train them accordingly.

We aspire to entertain, encourage, enrich, enlarge, educate, evolve, in all aspects of the gaming industry.

We have calculated, intricately specific scientific, mathematical structures and utilize pattern identification and data mining in business models for objective acquisitioning.

We have targeted our growth to be exponential, extreme, and extraordinary.

company history

The ARK Gaming was founded in 2017.

Through detailed research within the international market of gaming across the globe, our team identified the industry of Esports progressive futuristic growth, and its eventual impact into the African market. Upon this, The ARK Gaming was created.

More than five years later, the brand is now one of the most recognized organizations within the Esports industry in Africa, with extensions of its services reaching out as far as Ghana, and Egypt.


The company’s skill to predict correctly and implement the most relevant and impactful business solutions has now made it linked to the likes of POST MALONE, ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER, LENOVO, INTEL, REDEFINE PROPERTIES, PLANTRONICS, COMIC-CON, RAGE EXPO, RUSH ESPORTS, GINX TV, METROFIBRE, PIXZAR, ABinBEV, AND MANY MORE.


Its historical success in providing premium innovative solutions has pivoted the brand into a spotlight position in Africa, within the gaming communities.


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