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1.  Full Event organisers – (online and physical)

Detailed Turn-key Video Gaming Solutions

a.  Custom designed physical video gaming setups, for activations, events, competitions, and exhibitions

b.  Provide infrastructure solutions

c.  Competitive and social tournament events

2.  Esports Industry Solutions

a.  Training and education in Esports

b.  Cyber-Athletes scouting and recruitment for market transfer

c.  Growth and exposure integration

d.  Disruptive marketing

e.  Brand integration, imprinting, and re-enforcement solutions

3.  Digital Solutions

a.  Stream management and support

b.  Stream design and start up solutions

c.  Social media growth via video gaming

d.  Online tournaments

e.  Online events

f.  Brand opportunity

g.  Online Esports industry Integration solutions

4.  Academic solutions

a.  Ark-Aid Academy

i.  Train Esports technicians

b.  The ARK TV Academy

i.    Stream management, design and execution

ii.   Brand creation, growth and awareness

iii.  Pro streamer startup

iv.  Stream and brand correction


c.  The Ark Gaming academy

i.    Cyber-Athletes coaching

ii.   Esports awareness

iii.  Phycological guidance and assistance for community and market

iv.  How to deal with gaming

v.   How to support gaming

vi.  How to build a career in gaming

5.  Esports and video gaming lounges, arenas and centres

a.  The Ark Gaming Lounge Rivonia

b.  The Ark-Aid Centurion

c.  Future projects

6.  Esports and video gaming marketing solutions

a.  Provide specialised marketing strategies to enter into the commercial market

7.  Data Analytics

a.  Provide detailed data of market, based on location, through structured data mining, pattern identification, and a collection of mathematical and scientific algorithms that generate valuable POPI friendly information.


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