Start streaming with minimum required equipment, and the help of a professional broadcaster and moderator team combo. Connect to a Video call via your phone or laptop and play your favourite game, the broadcaster will manage the stream itself, overlays and scene switching and camera placement.

Available for XBOX , Playstation and PC players. A full time moderator will also be present (during your stream) to mediate chat, stimutale engagement, guide with the game being played, or multiplayer/co-op buddy. Trained to highten the experience of your stream while being skilled at the games you are playing.

As an optional extra at a cost, we will Re-Stream to multiple platforms simultaneously such as Facebook , Youtube and twitch at the same time to maximise growth and audience reach.


SKU: MER56868652
  • Required:
    A strong internet connection (fiber 20mb up and down speed min)
    A phone for a camera (or webcam)
    A Discord account + Connection to a designated server
    A Twitch and Youtube account