Terms & Conditions of The ARKAID Esports Lounge

1. Right Of Admission Reserved.

2. No food or drink can be brought into the "ARKAID" Gaming Lounge.

3. No smoking or vaping in the lounge or private rooms.

4. Corkage fee will be charged as follows:
    ➢ Cooler box @ R100 per box entry
    ➢ Hubbly bubbly @ R150 per unit (for tournament)

5. No disorderly behavior allowed. Parties will be removed from the premises, should they fail to adhere to the expected conduct which is deemed acceptable by The "ARKID"

6. Any damages caused by individuals or parties, to the facilities that The ARKAID provides, will be liable at the individuals or parties accountability, based on The "ARKAID's" discretion, and rules laid out.

7. All equipment and accessories issued out to the individuals will be accountable by the individual. These equipment and accessories are not allowed to be removed from the premises of The "ARKAID".

8. Prices are subject to change, without approval or prior notice.

9. No refunds will be issued, in any form.

10. Bookings are subject to availability. Any cancellations or rescheduling of books already finalized, will only be considered, should a reschedule be requested at least one hour prior to the confirmed booking time.

11. Seating is expected to be at a respectable manner. No hanging over the seats, nor sitting on armrests.

12. Any damages or loss to any external parties of the "ARKAID", will not be liable against the "ARKAID" under any circumstances pertaining to any situation.

13. Parking is at owners discretion. Any damages or loss incurred while attending The "ARKAID" relating to vehicles will not be held liable against The "ARKAID".

14. Rules and regulations set out for tournaments will be applicable additionally and not withstanding the rules set out above.

15. No touching of equipment under any circumstances. Should you wish to amend, or adjust, any setting or preference to your comfort, please pick up your hand, and a concierge will attend and assist you accordingly.

16. Failure to adhere to any of the rules set out by The "ARKAID", will result in immediate removal from the premises.

17. Please Refrain from vulgar language whilst at The "ARKAID".

18. Harassment to or against any staff or fellow customers will result in removal from the premises.

19. No drugs allowed on the premises.